Nikon D3200 vs D5200 – What Are The Differences


If you are looking to take the first step from a consumer digital compact camera to a digital SLR camera then the Nikon D3200 or D5200 are two of the best choices you could look at. Nikon is one of the biggest maker of digital cameras and many people choose this company, either because they have prior experience with their products or because of their exceptional reputation. But just choosing a company is not the final decision.

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While both cameras are equipped for and marketed towards the entry level user, they do come with significant differences that go beyond just the price. It is very important to understand the difference in order to make sure that you do not overpay for features you will not use or underpay and end up missing certain features. The following table shows the most important differences and it is based on this information that I made my own decision.


Nikon d3200
Nikon d5200
Resolution Megapixel 24.2 MP 24.1 MP
Weight 505 g 555 g
Screen Resolution 920,000 pixels 920,000 pixels
Highest ISO 6,400 6,400
Frames Per Second 4 fps 5 fps
RAW Image Size 20MB 25MB
JPED Fine Image Size 12MB 12MB


As you can see the difference are very subtle but there are two things I would like to point out that should be highlighted in any comparison of a D3200 vs D5200.

Swivel Display

Nikon-D5200The D5200 has one very unique feature, and that is a display that can fold out and be turned in all different directions. This is an extremely convenient feature, especially if you find yourself shooting images at difficult angels, like over object and people, or very low to the ground.

Exposure bracketing

What this is does is take 3 or more shots every time you press the exposure button. One image is taken at the exposure settings you entered, while the two others are taken one f-stop above and below your settings. Many people may not miss this feature, but it is extremely handy for two reasons.

First, if you are shooting in extremely difficult light condition, with very bright and very dark areas at the same time, it can increase your chances of getting an image correctly exposed.

Toronto Yonge-Dundas SquareSecondly, with HDR photography becoming very popular, you require multiple images at different exposure settings, and the bracketing makes it so much easier using the 5200.





photo credit: szeke

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